Thursday, March 17, 2016

Leprechaun Laughs

     This week, my kinder kiddos put their best thinking caps on to create the very best traps they could in an attempt to catch a leprechaun to get his beloved pot of gold!

     The traps were an optional family activity. I just LOVE what they come up with!

This one has a very intricate slide. At the bottom is a well with a chunk of gold at the bottom!

What leprechaun wouldn't like, "Free Lucky Charms"?

This trap has a huge rainbow lollipop, a real gold dollar coin and Lucy charms for bait. My kinder friend was awful glad he didn't actually "take" her special lollipop. 

This fancy contraption is that of my future mathmetician and/or engineer. I was shocked that the leprechaun got away from this one!

Ladders, cages, fences and trap doors galore!

Even the camo didn't trick that leprechaun!

Our special leprechaun did leave us a special, yummy kind of gold. (Along with quite a mess!)
What an exciting day it was. Many of us were just sure that the leprechaun was lurking about watching us, trying to trick us when we
left the room.

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