Monday, June 16, 2014

Porridge graph

This year during a study of Fairy Tales, we tasted porridge. I used instant Cream of Wheat, sugar, water and a crock pot. I added very hot water to the crockpot according to the package directions.  I added the packages of instant cream of wheat and sugar. (I don't know how much,  but sugar not just a little bit. Yum! Yum!) I let is cook while we read a version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Probably 10-15 minutes. Then we tat tested. Here is our graph.

                                    Data from any graph can can be evaluated in Many ways. 
                                          This time, we totaled the number who like or do not
                                         porridge and used the greater than and less than symbol
                                                         To represent that.

Great books for Math concepts.

Technology has a mind of its own! Today at my session, the technology would not cooperate. I shared some favorite books that connect to math curriculum. I am listing pictures of many of them here in case you were unable to get the information dawn and or couldn't see well.

Gobble, gobble Crash a barnyard counting bash.

This is a great counting book. Chaos is instigated by the turkeys. When the ruckus continues to wake up the farmer . . . Look out!

Hugless Douglas has several books now. I love how the sheep stick to him.
It would be great to use with beginning addition and subtraction or counting. Look for a future post with a Math work mat of Hugless Douglas.

The concept of "one more".

This book calls into questions what kids think they know.  It is a wonderful conversation starter. 

This is a wonderful book in the Click Clack Moo series. In this book the animals are preparing to go somewhere together. There is a great twist at the end! I won't spoil it for you. You will have to read it yourself!!!!

Creative Cornerstones

     Today was a wonderful day! I was able to network with many kindergarten and pre-K teachers at the Creative Cornerstones through the Franciscan University of Steubenville. My presentation was only half day this year. Wow was that different! The participants were so incredible! I got wonderful feedback and learning suggestions or ideas.
The session was entitled "Not so common, Common Core Math".
What a wonderful way to share the ideas that work in my classroom!
It was a very rewarding day!