Monday, June 23, 2014


I am posting this to try out a new widget I installed on my blog. Let's see if it works.

Expanding my horizons

Please stop by my new professional Facebook page entitled KinderDawne.

Creative Cornerstones

Today I finished up my sessions at Creative Cornerstones. My half day sessions focused on Math instruction in Kindergarten and Preschool. I thoroughly enjoyed growing professionally as I shared ideas with others and gained new ideas from attendees as well. Today's session went really well. Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions. Enjoy the rest of your week. Make the most of your time at Creative Cornerstones this year. Hopefully I will see you again soon.

Keep checking back as I continue to post more of the ideas that were shared this year. If you missed it, please consider joining us next year.

Original pattern block creations

This year my kids loved creating their own pattern block pictures. Each child was given one piece of paper upon which to build their creation. Using the ipad, we took pictures of their creations. They enjoyed copying each other's creations.

Next year we will make a book of their creations so they can recreate them even when the iPads are being used for other things.