Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Creative Cornerstones

The room for Creative Cornerstones 2013 continued

Extending great books

Some of the great books we shared

Graphing Seuss

Creative Cornerstones

Here is a glimps of the room ready for my presentation in 2013.

Winter Centers

Interactive writing

Valentine's Day, Dental health and more

State and national symbols, Math and Dr. Seuss

Down on the farm, Eggs and other Spring ideas

Book extensions

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Creative Cornerstones

Today was a great day. The Creative Cornerstones class was very successful. I thoroughly enjoyed networking with so many wonderful teachers. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful cuddos you offered me. Thanks for helping me to grow professionally as I presented today. Many of you shared wonderful ideas that worked for you. I am excited to use some of your great ideas in my classroom as well. Thanks for your willingness to embrace ideas that have worked for me in my classroom.

Foam duck puppet. 

You can tell I am presenting in full force. Retelling board for 5 Little Ducks is in my hand. My "hat" is a rubber ducky shower cap.  It helps set the stage for me to be mother duck and quack loudly for my ducklings to return home.

Creative Cornerstones

I am anxiously anticipating my presentation in the morning. The room is set up. I have checked and double checked the technology. I think I'm ready. I am hopeful that all of the teachers I will be networking with will feel like they are taking home some new ideas to use in their classrooms. It is a joy to share a glimpse into my passionate professional world. All teachers are faced with the same charge, learning and having fun while helping to nurture each precious little one with whom we have the pleasure of interacting. It's a challenge and a joy.
     Thank you Dr. Cogley for allowing me to continue my professional growth by presenting again this year.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fall centers

This was a popular fall center with the kids. I think the original idea came from Deanna Jump. There was a spinner to use. Kiddos spin the spinner and choose an item that matches that part piece to add to their pie pumpkin.  I just used a screw driver to poke holes into the pumpkin where the typical pieces would go. It worked best to store the Pumpkins in the refrigerator overnight added to the life of the pumpkin .

Creative Cornerstones

I am really looking forward to presenting at this year's Creative Cornerstones. Once again there will be a full day of center activities for kindergarten and preschool teachers. I am hopeful that every participant will take home some new ideas to use in his or her classroom. I look forward to the professional growth I experience during these weeks as well. It is wonderful to network with so many people who share my passion for teaching.