Thursday, March 12, 2015

Synonym Socks

This year, our Dr. Seuss celebration included silly sock day. It is always so fun to be able to take off our shoes and wiggle our toes once in a while. Any child who could independently put their shoes back on, was aloud to keep them off in our room ALL day.

We were learning about synonyms. (I love how that word comes out of their little mouths much like cinnamon!)

Each page featured a pair of socks. On the cuff of one sock, I had written a word. Each child colored their silly socks like a matching pair as they thought of a synonym for the given word. I then went around and added the great synonyms to the other sock each child was making. 

We turned our synonym socks into a matching book. The pages were laminated and Velcro dots were added to each page and sock. Students remove the socks from the envelope that was bound as part of the book and match the socks. They can then read the synonyms they matched.