Monday, June 15, 2015

Disappearing color experiment

After a day filled with Science at Creative Cornerstones, I opened Pinterest and this cool experiment was there.

Instead of mixing food coloring into water, this one shows you how to remove the  color from the water.

                                                To learn the directions for this experiment,
                                                      Click this link: disappearing color.
                                                            I can't wait to try it myself!

Networking with Teachers

Today was a Science filled day! It was fun networking with all of the PreK-K teachers at The Creative Cornerstones class. The participants were very helpful and supportive. I am thankful to one class participant, Heidi, for snapping some pictures of me as I did some experiments.

Making a rain cloud In a jar

Refrigerator Crystals

Rainbow in a jar

Napa cabbage is great for showing how leaves get/need water. This cabbage shows the colors really being soaked in colored water. I was surprised to find Napa cabbage was in our local Kroger store.

Procedures for these experiments will be posted soon!