Friday, March 8, 2013

Marshmallow Math

Here is our visual display of numbers 1 to 20. This idea came from Deanna Jump.

Great books

On silly sock day we also shared this book that was not by Dr. Seuss. It is a great book by Bob Shea. The kids love it. You could use it any time of year!

I had the opportunity to meet Bob Shea last year at the Dublin Literacy Conference. He put this great autograph in my book:

This book is about this adorable bird who gets new socks. He has such fun enjoying in all the things he can do in his new socks!

Here is the book our class created. First is the cover:

And the student pages:

It is a perfect way to review color words and concentrate on blends since many of the color words begin with blends.

Dr Seuss

We celebrated Dr Seuss this week with lots of fun and silly activities!  Silly Sock Day

Here are pages from our silly sock book before it is bound.Each child made a matching pair of socks and attached one to a page of our book. We counted by twos to see how many silly socks we had all together. This year we had 40 silly socks. After laminating the pages and individual socks, it will be bound into a matching book. The kids love to play this matching game.
It works well in a book format.

Here is the envelope page. Having a place to put loose socks 
makes transitions easier in our classroom. Cleanup is quick
When there is a quick place to put all loose socks.