Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pete the Cat

I love when my mailman toots her horn because I have a package and the package is for me.
Today I got the new Pete the Cat book that was released this week.

Click on the title above to get to a video of the book on you tube.

Great websites

Some of you in attendance at my sessions at Creative Cornerstones asked for me to post information about the websites I recommended. For now I will post the sites. My email at home is VERY slow.  I cannot post a link to them yet. When I get to a place with faster Internet soon, I will update the posts with links.

My favorites on Teachers Pay Teachers are Julie Lee and Deanna Jump. Everything they produce is quality!

Kellyskindergarten has great games that you can program with your own words and skills. This is a fabulous website with tons of ideas.

Kidscount1234 is a fabulous site. Both of Shari Sloane's CDs are wonderful! On her site she has the ready to go enlarged text and some pictures making it easy to make big books of her songs.  I LOVE her song Bingo Bango Bongo (my kiddos did too).

I recently learned about a really great math site it is .  It is a great resource for common core math standard ideas for all elementary grades.