Monday, June 16, 2014

Great books for Math concepts.

Technology has a mind of its own! Today at my session, the technology would not cooperate. I shared some favorite books that connect to math curriculum. I am listing pictures of many of them here in case you were unable to get the information dawn and or couldn't see well.

Gobble, gobble Crash a barnyard counting bash.

This is a great counting book. Chaos is instigated by the turkeys. When the ruckus continues to wake up the farmer . . . Look out!

Hugless Douglas has several books now. I love how the sheep stick to him.
It would be great to use with beginning addition and subtraction or counting. Look for a future post with a Math work mat of Hugless Douglas.

The concept of "one more".

This book calls into questions what kids think they know.  It is a wonderful conversation starter. 

This is a wonderful book in the Click Clack Moo series. In this book the animals are preparing to go somewhere together. There is a great twist at the end! I won't spoil it for you. You will have to read it yourself!!!!

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