Monday, January 13, 2014

Daily 5

This is my first year using Daily 5 in my kindergarten classroom. This week I tried a new organization system for my Daily 5.  I felt like I needed my kiddos to be more involved in the transition to each daily. So I organized it in my pocket chart. Each of my groups is heterogenous. Each group has a helper (or two). This is the designated person for their questions or problems, so I am not interrupted during reading groups. It has been a very important part of my center structure in past years. This year I also am including helpers in my Daily 5 structure.

Here are a few pictures of Daily 5 in my room today.

Word work-water paints

Word work-The kids call this "packages". I cut letters in different fonts from various product boxes like cereal, boxed mixes or games. Students find the letters to make words they are learning. 

Read to Self

Listening to reading with Tag Readers

I will post more Daily 5 ideas as they progress.

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