Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Creative Cornerstones

Today was a great day. The Creative Cornerstones class was very successful. I thoroughly enjoyed networking with so many wonderful teachers. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful cuddos you offered me. Thanks for helping me to grow professionally as I presented today. Many of you shared wonderful ideas that worked for you. I am excited to use some of your great ideas in my classroom as well. Thanks for your willingness to embrace ideas that have worked for me in my classroom.

Foam duck puppet. 

You can tell I am presenting in full force. Retelling board for 5 Little Ducks is in my hand. My "hat" is a rubber ducky shower cap.  It helps set the stage for me to be mother duck and quack loudly for my ducklings to return home.


  1. Thanks for presenting at Creative Cornerstones! Do you have fall/back to school game pieces with matching recording sheets that you can share?

  2. I am hopeful that you got some new ideas you can use in your classroom from Creative Cornerstones. I have not yet created those specific types of game pieces for fall. As I begin to plan for fall activities for my class, I will post more fall ideas. Please keep checking back. Thanks for visiting my blog!