Saturday, August 10, 2013

Umbrella Poem

This is a really cute poem for spring. It also goes along well with the book Disappearing Desmond

My students have made walking umbrellas in two different ways. One year each child water color painted on a large sheet of paper. I traced a large umbrella on the back of each painting after it dried. 
During a year when we had less time due to a schedule change, students traced a large umbrella on a patterned piece of paper.  Then kids cut out their umbrella and cut legs from construction paper and glued them together. They look great as a display in the hallway.

This sample is from patterned paper. I do not have a picture of the painted example.


  1. I love this poem/activity, but couldn't find mine. I have done it several times in years past. Anyway, I wanted to do it with my Kindergarten class for the Talent Show. We use real umbrellas and have them dress in rain coats and boots and recite the poem using the umbrellas. Thank you for posting!! I am so glad I found it again!

    1. I enjoy hearing how you use this poem with your kinder kiddos! What a cute idea! I am so glad that you were able to find success in your search! Have fun with your talent show! I hope you'll visit my blog again soon! Happy Spring!